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Facility Design

Kitchen Design Services - Retrofit and Prototype

Time and motion studies of brand recipes will determine the peak workload capacities of cooking staff and equipment. By measuring the workload distribution of a kitchen layout, we can design work stations with the best equipment adjacencies to achieve the maximum of sales with the minimum of staff. Layouts cannot be designed for just peak periods however. All of today’s kitchens must still be run efficiently by fewer cooks in slower periods. As such a “design to deployment” design strategy is important that accounts for work station scaling and staff slide deployment at all volume levels. This requires different designs be evaluated at different deployment levels to arrive at the “best” facility layout.

"What-if" modeling using our Deterministics Labor System software will identify the best equipment adjacencies and maximum throughput volumes of alternative restaurant layouts. Cockpit workstations are designed for cooklines, bartender and service work areas.

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