Brian Sill

Our History

Our offices are outside Seattle, WA Since 1985 Deterministics has pioneered the application of industrial engineering techniques for the chain restaurant industry. We use these methods to show companies how to achieve higher levels of performance and profit by improving the efficiency and predictability of operations. In 1996 we launched our services in the UK and continue to cross pollinate innovative ideas and best practices around the world. In 2003 we launched the Deterministics Labor Intelligence System – a first for the industry based on Labor Recipes™ that show staffing requirements reflecting actual guest menu choices and service patterns by minute of the day. In 2012 we coined the term “contextual labor management” to demonstrate how the Deterministics Labor Intelligence System customizes each store's labor targets based upon customer preferences and behaviors. Under the same ownership and management for the past thirty years, we have helped over 180+ restaurant brands across every foodservice segment.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every work position, process, equipment piece and facility in a restaurant has a capacity that can be measured, and therefore, managed. We say that if you can't measure it, you can't manage it! The beauty of this is, if you measure your operations in capacity terms you truly understand the throughput potential of your brand. At the same time, you learn your physical limitations, so you do not over-promise and under-deliver. Marketing can get customers to your door, but how you manage your throughput determines how many you serve and how many will return. That's why we call this approach Throughput Capacity Management (TCM).

Our Services

Our success is based on our client’s success: 65% of clients ask for an average of four repeat engagements over seven years. Our Throughput Assessments cover the whole range of the service-and-production-delivery chain from guest arrival to departure. Our Labor Management Services measure and help manage the impact on labor from all areas: operations, training, marketing, menu development and facility design. Our internet based Labor System guides store management in how to write the perfect schedule based on brand standard Labor Recipes. Our Facilities Design Services help you maximize throughput with the most efficient facility design.

Deterministics is a twenty-five year company founded by Paul Malmo and Brian Sill with offices in Bellevue, Washington and London, England. Gary D'Ettorre is Chief Operating Officer.

Brian Sill

Since 1985 Brian has been evangelizing the merits of an engineering perspective to chain restaurant executives. As President and co-founder in charge of Restaurant Operations Engineering for Deterministics, he has improved the performance of over 180 chain restaurant companies over the past thirty years. As the personal overseer of all projects, Brian's approach involves a process orientation with a customer-first focus covering guest and worker ergonomics, production and facilities design, service delivery design and staffing deployment systems. The real-world application of his approach, titled Throughput Capacity Management, is used internally by scores of restaurant chains in the day to day management of their business. Published numerous times in The Cornell Quarterly, it is actively taught in university curriculums around the world including the National Skills Academy for Hospitality in the United Kingdom.

Brian is an award-winning author who has published over forty articles on Throughput Capacity Management techniques for industry and academic trade journals. He speaks frequently in his area of expertise at industry events and is recognized as a leading authority on Operations Engineering and Labor Management Systems for the restaurant industry. In 1997 he was awarded the Doctorate of Foodservices by the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM). He is a past president of the worldwide board of directors of the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI), having been inducted into its highest honor, the Council of Fellows in 2006.

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Paul Malmo

President and co-founder, has more than 35 years of restaurant industry experience ranging from restaurant operations to corporate technology management. Prior to co-founding Deterministics in 1988 Paul held senior management positions with several national restaurant chains. As a consultant, Paul has assisted more than 40 restaurant chains evaluate, select and successfully implement technology based solutions that have had measurable impact on profitability. Consulting projects ranged from point of sale system selection and rollout to management of multimillion dollar custom software projects.

Over the past eight years Paul and the Deterministics technology team have developed the Deterministics Labor System (DLS) which is currently in use by many Deterministics clients. DLS' powerful Labor Recipe based architecture offers high precision labor management tools and analytics for all levels of management. Paul holds a business administration degree from the University of Washington, is a past chairman of the National Restaurant Association EDP Users Group and has been a speaker at the NRA Financial Officers Group, FCSI, FS/TEC and the Restaurant Technology Conference.

Gary D'ettorre

Chief Operating Officer, Gary D'Ettorre has over thirty years of restaurant industry and technology experience. Gary leads the team responsible for the Deterministics Labor System software services. Prior to joining Deterministics in 1992, Gary cut his teeth in restaurant operations first as a General Manager with Sea Galley Restaurants, then corporate-level positions (involving point-of-sale, systems integration and enterprise level reporting) . Beginning his career in California, Gary held restaurant and multi-unit positions with Burger King in the 1980’s. In addition to his operations expertise, Gary also excelled in technology management as Director of Information Technology at Applied Microsystems Corporation, a leading provider of embedded systems tools. Gary holds a business administration degree from Central Washington University.